Welcome to the Yale Club of Korea

Message from the Club President

Welcome to Yale Club of Korea. We are a voluntary organization dedicated to bringing the Yale community in Korea closer together. We hold dinner parties, seminars, community service days, golf, and networking events. We also have subgroups that may be relevant to your interests or area of study. Whether your stay in Korea is permanent or temporary, please join us and share your Yale bond.

– Haelyung Hwang (’82 B.A.)

About the Yale Club of Korea


Founded in 1968, the Yale Club of Korea is comprised of Yale University alumni active in Korea. We require no dues, considering all area alumni to be members of our community and organization. In addition to serving as a hub for information on all Yale activity in Korea, the Yale Club of Korea hosts a wide range of events, including the Yale Day of Service, the Summer Dinner, and the Year-End Party.


Current Leadership

President: Haelyung Hwang / 황해령 (’82 B.A.)

Treasurer: Phillip Ham / 함춘승 (’86 B.A.)

Secretary: Jeong Bon Kim / 김정본 (’96 MPPM)

Communications: Wonho Choi / 최원호 (’16 B.S.)

Communications: Sang Ik Han / 한상익 (’16 B.A.)


Economics: Sungjin Cho / 조성진 (’02 Ph.D.)

School of Music: Changwoo Sohn / 손창우 (’96 MM)

School of Management: Shwan Park / 박상현 (’08 MBA)

Past Club Presidents

1st President: 백낙준

2nd President: 전성천

3rd President: 이홍구

4th President: 박성용 (1993-2005)

5th President: 신영무 (2005-2011)

6th President: 조대연 (2012-2014)

7th President: 박동현 (2015-2017)

8th President: 황해령 (2018-Present)

Contact Us

Contact the Yale Club of Korea

Please contact us to join our email list and be notified of Yale Club of Korea events. We also welcome suggestions about activities or events we should consider.